After a chance meeting at the Red Bull Music Academy, in Barcelona, Cassegrain was formed.

The project explores the ground between dark, raw techno and UK influenced sounds, trying to find a balance between experiment and club orientated music.

For the A side of the debut 12” on Mikrowave, the pair worked with dubstep luminary, Benga, who provided his vocals for the first time. Following this, Cassegrain signed to Prologue, releasing the Dropa EP and the Coptic EP which their 3rd 12” (out later this month).

Cassegrain perform Live and DJ, their live act includes a mixture of software, hardware and additional elements that change each time.

It’s their DJs skills on show for our 10th Podcast. We’ve been trying to tie the pair down for almost 6 months, but their busy schedule had forced the mix back, but we’re finally able to add Cassegrain to our ever expanding Slash Dot Dash Podcast Family.

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1) Conforce - Timelapse [Delsin Records]
2) Tin Man - Ghost of Techno [Zooloft]
3) Planetary Assault Systems - Motif [Ostgut Ton]
4) Milton Bradley - Echoes From the Past [Do Not Resist the Beat!]
5) Sascha Rydel - Puissant [Fachwerk]
6) John Mitchell - Simple Percussion [Propellant Music]
7) Kevin Gorman - Velvet [Mikrowave]
8) Abstract Division - Floating Point (Delta Funktionen remix) [Dynamic Reflection]
9) Mick Finesse - They Sex Machinas (Perc remix) [Perc Trax]
10) Tracy - Bonk [Ketra Records]
11) Rrose - Shepherds Brine [Sandwell District]
12) Luigi Acid Machine - Deroma [Cannibald Recordings]
13) Coefficient - Vacuum Stability [M_Rec Ltd]
14) Jeff Mills - Microbe [Axis]
15) AnD - DST [Black Sun]
16) Subjected - 008A1 [Vault Series]
17) Oscar Mulero - Orbital Resonance [Pole]
18) Cassegrain - Hyena [Prologue]
19) Mike Parker - Pulse Trader [Prologue]
20) Marcel Dettmann - Landscape (Answer Code Request) [Music Man]
21) Tobias. - Go [Wagon Repair]
22) Eshu - Lunar Farside [Eshu]
23) Xnand - 003A1

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