Born in Napoli in 1988. Since an early age he was fascinated by electronics, when the first computer arrived at home he immediately began to experiment with it and with sounds. After finishing his studies in Multimedia Design in Italy he moved to Berlin where he is taking care of three record labels, REPITCH Recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic with the collaboration of D.Carbone and Shapednoise and 3TH Records with D.Carbone and Lucindo.

Ascion’s solo projects, referring to both productions and performances, is often defined, dark and mental. His work mainly focuses on his own record labels like the last solo work ‘The Cybernetic Drama’ and ‘Public Head’, released on 3TH Records, which fully reflects his style and musical growth achieved during his years of production.

Ascion’s experimental alter ego CSA, a reverse abbreviation of his original alias, was introduced by the label Violet Poison (releasing on the VA ‘Sulla Giostra Nell’ombra’ the tracking ‘Overture’). His name was also prominent for the release ‘Kick On’ on Drumcode (2009), the remix of the classic ‘Avion’ of Damon Wild and recently for various apparitions and collaborations on labels such as Modularz, Inner Surface Music and M_Rec LTD.

To listen to his music, you’re plunged into a dark desolate landscape of rough distorted textures and bass heavy drones, groove sits alongside shattered beats and raw destructive noise as if the allegiance has always existed, but yet still sets it’s sights firmly in the realm of the future.

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